My Room of the Week: Interior Design by Jan Showers

Love the serenity that the palette and symmetry bring to this room, but imagine it without that wonderful  painting selected by interior designer, Jan Showers?  The room still would be pretty but it would lack the wow factor conveyed by the art. Jan Read more [...]


  GARNITURE: A set of decorative objects (typically porcelain, but not always)  intended to be displayed together prominently on a mantle, buffet or other piece of furniture. Garnitures made of Chinese porcelain first became popular with Read more [...]

MY ROOM OF THE WEEK: Inspired by Keith Haring

If they make a tile based on your art, does it mean you are destined for remembrance in the annals of art history? I don't have the answer to that one.  Do you think having your art depicted on a tile (and towels!)  celebrates it or cheapens Read more [...]

DESIGN BOOK ADDICT: Forty Years of Fabulous

Forty Years of Fabulous by Steven Stolman is the MUST HAVE book of the season.  You do have your copy already, don't you?? If not, I am here to convince you to boot up Amazon and order it right this very second.  Forty Years gathers all of the Read more [...]